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GDPR Compliance

As many of you may know, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) go into effect on Friday, May 25.  Good for the U.E., you think! This doesn’t really affect me. Think again. It could.


GDPR is intended to further protect the citizens of E.U. from unwanted or unsolicited data collection. As such, any website that is likely to be visited by any citizen of the E.U. should fall into compliance. In its broadest interpretation, we think this would include every website in the world.


Here at Socially Adept Solutions, we feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’re detailing here, for our clients and friends, what steps you (or we) may need to take to fall into compliance with the GDPR*.


Wix has, as always, taken care of the heavy lifting for all of us and is falling into compliance on the larger issues (like geographical location of servers, SSL certification of all websites, etc.). Wix has also created a handy-dandy primer on all of this. You can access that primer HERE. We, however, must


consider each of our own websites and determine if our collection of data falls into appropriate categories.


If you are an existing client with a maintenance contract OR currently have a site under construction with us:


Privacy Policy

  • If you currently have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, we’ll be reviewing it and sending you recommendations for additional compliant language*.

  • If you don’t currently have a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, we will be supplying you with samples of both for your review, and then add those statements to your site at your discretion*. 

Collection of Data / Consent for Marketing Campaigns

  • Wherever you collect data from individuals on your site, we’ll be adding “implied consent” language to that space as added protection for your site. (Example: If you collect site subscriber email addresses on your site, we’ll be adding a statement like: “By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use, to receive emails, newsletters and updates, and have read our Privacy Policy

    • (Note: Wix does collect both transient and permanent cookies on site visitors. This information and how it complies with GDPR is considered and dealt with in Wix’s own privacy policy.)

Third Party Apps

  • We’ll be reviewing your third party apps to insure that they are GDPR compliant. Any issues = We’ll let you know.

“Right to be Forgotten”

  • GDPR insists that any individual can request that their information be removed and permanently delete from your database. Wix, of course, has created tools to assist should this need ever arise and we are on top of it for you!


If you are an existing client without a maintenance contract:

  • Feel free to contact us about coming into compliance with GDPR, or simply use the Wix tools referenced HERE.



*This is in no way legal advice! We are not lawyers and recommend that if you are in doubt in any way, you should seek legal council.


We hope this short primer helps you get a handle on GDPR. Please remember, a mutually respectful policy between you and your site visitors is always best. Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!


Warren Frank

Warren Frank Designs

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